In April we lost a dear friend and colleague, Lisa Gewirtz. She was a leader, a connector and a friend to so many in the Production Accounting community and beyond. After sharing the unbearable news, the response was swift and heartfelt, coming from people who had known and loved Lisa for decades as well as those who knew her kindness only through emails and phone calls. The responses echoed our own, ranging  from deep sadness and disbelief to a feeling of good fortune at having had the opportunity to know her and work alongside her as she made plans for a very bright future. 

Lisa loved connecting and helping others. By combining that passion with her superior knowledge of the Production Accounting industry, she helped further the careers of thousands of people.A true matchmaker in every way, she was a self described “professional relationship creator.” Above all else, she wanted to have a positive impact. 

“I always knew that if I could help people in the Entertainment Production Accounting world, and leave the industry a little better than when I started, I would have fulfilled one of my life’s missions,” Lisa said in January when we announced her new role at Extreme Reach.

Mission accomplished Lisa. We are so fortunate to have known you and worked with you and we will miss you greatly.

The outpouring was swift and voluminous. A sampling of words from her friends: 

Lisa was …

  • one of a kind
  • always helpful and friendly
  • well loved by everyone 
  • so amazingly talented 
  • such a wonderful person
  • the best friend to so many of us
  • an amazing person and colleague
  • a wonderful person and friend
  • always reaching out to help everyone
  • a tour de force
  • a dear friend to everyone who knew her 
  • a talent extraordinaire
  • always so kind and generous with her time and knowledge
  • such a light
  • a beautiful presence
  • always a beacon of positivity
  • a sweet, hilarious, kind, smart soul 
  • She helped my boyfriend get his job
  • I would not have gotten my last 5 jobs without her
  • She had a selfless heart of gold
  • Lisa always brought the sunshine and never let you down.
  • Above all, Lisa loved music
  • Lisa, I know you’re up there right now singing your music to us
  • We were lucky to have you

To view a video tribute to Lisa, with music she wrote and performed, visit this page. 

If you would like to make a donation in Lisa’s memory, her family invites you to make a donation, on this page, to ALYN Hospital in Israel, a warm, caring place for disabled children of any religion or nationality. Your donation will be dedicated to increasing the music in therapies helping the children. Lisa always believed that music could make a difference. Lisa was a living legend.

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