How Hollywood Can Fight Racism: An Online Discussion

By Extreme Reach Team  | 

“What if studios, networks, and streaming services went an entire year without a single storyline featuring violent, menacing, dangerous Black men?” Alan Jenkins, Professor of Race and Law at Harvard Law School, poses that question in his recent article proposing 10 things Hollywood can do to fight racism and promote justice. The piece sets the stage for a conversation recorded on June 30 between Alan and Flo Mitchell-Brown, Head of Industry Engagement for Extreme Reach Payroll Solutions, Chair of the New York Production Alliance, and a member of the Board for New York Women in Film & Television. Alan previously co-founded and led The Opportunity Agenda and his prolific writing includes non-fiction articles and TV scripts.

Flo and Alan’s candid discussion delves into many questions: To what extent do movies on TV impact our society? What are some actionable items for consideration? What will it take to change outdated norms? Where can we find inspiration for the future?

For their responses, insights and inspiration, tune in here to the conversation that was recorded and presented by Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell and Vassallo, a firm that has represented clients in the entertainment industry for over 50 years.

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