There’s only so much time — and creative energy — available in the day.

That’s why our team here at Extreme Reach Production Solutions has developed an innovative suite of tools to address the payroll and compliance issues unique to the industries we serve.

With our technologies, you’re connected— no matter where in the world you are. With us on your team, you’re free to go make something great.

After all, our main goal is to support the creative in you.

Our software solutions:

Linx Paperless Starts

Creative Solutions for a Creative Industry

With Linx Paperless Starts, Extreme Reach Production Solutions provides you with a fully digital, comprehensive, and totally secure payroll solution. Dramatically cut your crew on boarding time by allowing them to receive—and sign!—the necessary forms. No more piles of paper and mounds of time cards to sort through and input.

Linx Hours-to-Gross

The Simplicity is Stunning

We’ve made the whole Hours-to-Gross process as easy as possible. Management needs only a computer or tablet with an internet connection. Employees need only a smartphone or computer with internet connection. Our systems work the same across all platforms, operating systems and browsers.

Luca Production Accounting

Real time, on the fly, just like you.

Extreme Reach Production Solutions’ Luca production accounting software is a fully integrated general ledger and payroll accounting package designed primarily for the management of Features and Television.


A tool for our clients and their card holders to manage their Petty Cash Card’s posted transactions. 

Card Holders can access their transactions, update the data, and upload images of their receipts, before routing it on to their supervisor for approval.

Paperless Starts

Wage Notice Compliance

Time Card Entry