Production Accounting

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Extreme Reach Production Solutions provides union and non-union payroll, payroll paperwork, taxes, deductions, and crew and performer union benefits contributions in all 50 states and Canada.

We’ll handle the details.

Software with a purpose:

Our Linx and Luca software technology platforms focuses on the core areas of the production payroll process… paperless start forms, compliance, time card entry, hours-to-gross calculation and production accounting.

Software Solutions:

Paperless Starts

Extreme Reach Production Solutions provides a comprehensive, secure, and fully paperless payroll start paperwork solution.


Our Hours-to-Gross system provides clients with a scalable solution for managing employee time cards and daily wage calculations from multiple projects, anywhere in the world. The system allows for digital signatures and approvals while maintaining auditable time card ownership. The system is designed to closely interface with Extreme Reach Production Solutions’ production accounting software and is versatile enough to work with virtually any accounting package. Its PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet friendly environment uses the latest technology to provide global access and robust data protection.

Production Accounting

Our production accounting software is a fully-integrated general ledger and payroll accounting package designed primarily for the management of features and television.


A tool for our clients and their card holders (CH) to manage their Petty Cash Card’s posted transactions. CHs will be able to access these transactions, update the data and upload images of their receipts. Once the CH finishes their process they can route to the CH’s supervisor for approval if applicable before being sent to the accounting team for final approval.