Luca Production Accounting

Truly Effortless

Luca is the cutting edge accounting software the entertainment industry has been asking for. Luca is web based, so you can pick up where you left off on any computer with internet access, opening up exciting, modern possibilities such as home working and real-time collaboration. Luca is real time, on the fly, just like you.

Accounting For Creatives

Take a look at the Dashboard

Visualize key performance indicators and other strategic data for your project at a glance.

  • View KPIs and other critical data without delving into the semantics of the source system.
  • Presents management with the information they need, at project or multi-project (enterprise) level
  • Capture valuable metrics and KPIs that will help maximize production spend on future projects.

Intuitive Menus

  • Simply open Luca and commence your work. No need for complicated manuals.
  • Luca is the most efficient package for data entry, cost management and forensic requirements.


Find and Export

  • Powerful transaction find function allows for quick recovery of any transaction set for export or analysis.
  • Transactions can be identified via nominated fields; such as description, date, account number, including any viable combination for a refined search.



  • Data entry efficiency assured with an extensive and easy to use import capability from any spreadsheet.
  • Invoices, Petty Cash, Journals and Purchase Orders can be easily imported from our user-friendly templates.

Mobile Dashboard

See how your major KPIs are performing across the board at a single glance, helping you make instant, sure-fire decisions.

Our Mobile dashboard can enable you with instant access to project-critical information from multiple sources. This will help you make instant, wise decisions, which will result in significant increases to your company’s productivity.

Leverage data from multiple projects (various databases) and convey it on a single window. Organize and present this information to enable quick absorption.