Extreme Reach Payroll Solutions Hires Rolando Manansala as Director of Product Support

By Sandy Drayton  | 

Cast and Crew Veteran to Lead Product Support for Company’s Innovative Technology Suite of Software Services
Los Angeles, CA – December 5, 2019ER Payroll Solutions, a division of Extreme Reach that provides payroll and accounting software for production casts and crews across the entertainment industry, announced that Rolando Manansala, who worked for many years at Cast & Crew, has joined the company in the new role, Director of Product Support.
A 20-year veteran of the entertainment industry, Manansala brings to ER Payroll Solutions a wealth of experience as an analyst, manager and director of software services and payroll. During his tenure at Cast & Crew, he served in both technical and client-facing roles, with responsibility for building and managing teams as well as delivering top-notch client experiences.
“Rolando is a dynamic, forward-thinking leader whose extensive experience in technology, product support, product management and client services make him an excellent addition to our team,” said Gaurav Agarwal, Corporate Development Officer, Extreme Reach.  “We’re delighted to have him on board, and are confident he will play an important part in providing new solutions that entertainment and commercial productions are craving to better manage payroll, accounting, compliance, health services and more, for the temporary and union workers that power their endeavors.
“The energy, deep industry knowledge and enthusiasm of this team are a winning combination and I am so pleased to be a part of it,” said Manansala. “This is an exciting time to be joining Payroll Solutions and I’m eager to dig in to all the initiatives we have planned for 2020.”
ER Payroll Solutions is focused on innovative software solutions that support productions big and small. By nature, it is a complex industry with an often temporary and transitory workforce. Linx, Payroll Solutions’ digital on-boarding and timecard solution, is an industry first that provides production teams with paperless starts and seamless calculation of hours-to-gross. Luca is the cutting edge, web based, production accounting software that the entertainment industry has been asking for. Both Linx and Luca are examples of the future-focused tools the team is developing to meet specific client needs at every stage of production.
About Extreme Reach
In addition to being the third largest Employer of Record (EOR) in the US, Extreme Reach (ER) has revolutionized the way marketers and their agencies control the deployment of creative assets and how the media sources those ads to execute campaigns across the complex media landscape. The company’s creative asset management platform, AdBridge™, is built upon a decade of innovation—seamlessly integrating video ad serving, linear TV distribution, OTT/CTV delivery and Talent & Rights management.
With over 13 million ad creative assets in its care, every path to any screen is built right inside. Nearly 800 team members in 19 offices worldwide ensure success for major brands and their agencies. ER connects the buy and sell sides of the advertising ecosystem, simplifying and speeding campaign activation for every team involved.
About Extreme Reach Payroll Solutions
Extreme Reach’s Payroll Solutions division focuses on disrupting and transforming the entertainment payroll industry with innovative solutions built on a robust and flexible technology stack and driven by experienced, client-focused professionals. ERPS assumes the role of employer of record (EOR) for freelance workers in the entertainment industry such as cast, crew, and support departments, as well as staff. As an EOR, it is responsible for administrative obligations such as complex payroll calculation, issuance of paychecks, benefits management, ACA compliance management, the submission and management of worker’s compensation claims, and unemployment insurance. The division also addresses payroll paperwork, taxes, deductions and crew and performer union benefits contributions in all 50 states and Canada.

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