We are excited to share some changes we have made to our Extreme Reach Luca production accounting system. We continue to evolve our products to incorporate your suggestions and enhancements that bring more speed, efficiency and value to your payroll process. 

Luca Release Version: 367 – 03/14/20

  • Cost Worksheet – Add option to display “Change in Variance” and “Prior Variance” columns.
  • Payment Register – Corrected time out issue on large reports
  • Payment Posting Report – Have the option now for Detail or Summary for your posting report.
  • Vendor Report – Add option to exclude 3rd party vendor information.
  • AP Entry – Added Close PO Line to tabbing path.
  • Check Copies – Made the words “Non Negotiable” on the check darker.
  • PO History – Inserted Period # in the body of the Detail with History report.
  • Cost Worksheet – Corrected arrow keys not going up and down within the Worksheet.
  • Vendor Master – Implemented OCR technology. When creating a new vendor you are now able to import a W9 and program will insert the vendor name and address. Next version will allow ability to attach the W9 to the vendor.
  • Cost Report – Added option to show the difference between the ETC and the EFC as a percentage.
  • PC Entry – Corrected duplicate envelope warning message to read the entire envelope number before displaying the Duplicate Envelope warning message.
  • Invoice Entry, Petty Cash Entry and Journal Entry – Implemented “Cancel” button to allow user to cancel the creation of the transaction and stay in that same entry program allowing user to continue entering a new transaction.
  • AP – User is now able to reverse an invoice that was posted to the ledger but not yet posted.

Luca Release Version: 363 – 02/01/20

  • Cost Report – Added Episode and Location filtering and reporting.
  • Cost Report – Corrected bug when running a report based on a prior date.
  • Cost Worksheet – Improved drill down on cost fields.
  • Cost Worksheet – Cleaned up drill down reporting to PDF and Excel.
  • PC Audit – Added more information to the header to identify filter selections.
  • AP Audit – Added more information to the header to identify filter selections.
  • JE Audit – Added more information to the header to identify filter selections.
  • PO Audit – Added more information to the header to identify filter selections.

Luca Release Version: 361 – 01/28/20

  • Distribution Change – enhanced for splitting of distribution lines.
  • AP Invoice Entry – Not including tax codes on offset account.
  • Cost Worksheet – Added ability to make changes using the Variance column.
  • Cost Worksheet – Corrected bug when using the Account Range filter.
  • Cost Worksheet – When budget is locked the fields for Budget, Approved Overage and Total budget are locked for edit.
  • PC Audit – Added line numbers next to transaction number to help identify individual lines.
  • AP and PC Audit Reports – Removed grouping by Batch. Grouping is by Company, Currency and Bank.
  • AP and PC Posting Reports – Vendor address is displaying the Remit address instead of the home address.
  • AP, PC, PO and JE Entry – Added Last Transaction # to the header to help identify after transactions are entered.

Luca Release Version: 357 – 12/07/19

  • New Cost Worksheet – The New Cost Worksheet has been added to the Budgeting and Costs Menu. For now you can still access the old Cost Worksheet as well.
  • Ledger Adjustments – When search finds more than one page of information user is now able to jump to the last page and also able to jump to the first page. This can be done from any page you are on.
  • Ledger Adjustments – We have added the ability to view by Transaction or Distribution when launching your search.
  • Purchase Order Entry – From within a purchase order and viewing the Show History, selecting either the Print or Excel output produces a much nicer report to the  screen and Excel.
  • Accounts Payable Entry – Import from an Excel spreadsheet is now available to populate your distribution lines. A template is provided in the Accounts Payable Entry program.
  • Accounts Payable Edit, Audit & Post landing page – User is now able to view all transaction statuses at one time. The options are Not Posted, Posted Open, Posted Paid and All.
  • Petty Cash Edit, Audit & Post landing page – User is now able to view all transaction statuses at one time. The options are Not Posted, Posted and All.
  • Payment Process – AP Check now includes the total 1099 amount for those invoices on that payment.
  • Payroll – Audit Reports now have the option to limit the reports to just print the payroll errors.

Luca Release Version: 356 – 11/23/19

  • Ledger Adjustments – Added option to go to First Page and Last Page when paginating.
  • Payroll – Added User Name to the landing page.
  • Payroll – Showing PR Invoice number in red when payroll file contains accounts that are not in the chart of accounts.
  • Payroll – User now has ability to “Show Errors Only” when viewing a payroll invoice.
  • Card – Showing User Name in the Card landing page.
  • Vendor – Where there is a vendor field and has a drop down implemented exact match when typing. This will bubble to the top all the vendors that begin with the characters typed in and then after these vendors will display any vendor names that contain these characters typed in.
  • Ledger List – User now has the ability to do a cherry pick on the Transaction Type field for exact match.
  • Invoice Entry – Vendor name is now showing all 5 lines from the vendors address.
  • Invoice Entry – Payment number has been modified to 12 numeric characters.
  • Entry screens – improved functionality when accounts include dashes.
  • Journal Entry – Modified the import template for interfacing account distribution information in the Journal Entry distribution grid.

Luca Release Version: 355 – 11/09/19

  • System – Account drop down improvement in Entry and Reporting screens. Ensure the dropdown displays first all beginning with the account # typed-in, followed by others in account # order.
  • Ledger List – Modified Excel output to just what is on the report.
  • PO History Report – Modified report for clarity. Moved PO number to upper left corner of report.
  • Vendor Reports – Added option to include POs on “Vendor History-Summary” and “Vendor History-Detail” reports
  • Petty Cash Posting Report – Modify the Report so it looks similar to the AP Posting Report
  • Tax Codes – Added tax codes for IV, RI and IS for Mexico.

Luca Release Version: 351 – 10/26/19

  • PO Entry – Ability to Re-Open PO a closed PO
  • Ledger List – Added ability to select either Merchant or Payment Date to appear on the Ledger reports in Detail
  • AP Entry – Modified Amount and Description column to allow more information to be entered.
  • PO History Report – Modified report to show adjustments correctly
  • Tax Report – Added ability to dump 1099 information to a CSV file that could be read in by most 3rd party vendors.
  • AP Entry – Extended out the number of 1099 codes available when entering an invoice

Luca Release Version: 350 – 10/12/19

  • AP Posting – For non computer issued checks, the check date will be applied to the Effective Date.
  • Invoice Entry – When no vendor has been selected a user helpful message is floated over the “Add Record” in the distribution grid when user’s cursor hovers over this.
  • Invoice Entry – Corrected bug to allow up to 10 characters in the Payment Number field.
  • Vendor Entry – Added Mexico in the country drop down.
  • Journal Summary Report – This is a new report that will give a summary report for all entered journals entered in the system. There is also a filter screen to filter what transactions you want to see on your report.
  • Tax Report – Summary report now capturing 3rd party vendor information.
  • Ledger Adjustments – More filter options were added to give the same filter options as Ledger List.
  • Payment Adjustments – Added additional search options. Now able to search by Payment Number, Payment Date, Pay Code and Vendor Name.

Luca Release Version: 348 – 09/28/19

  • Browser Tab – Now shows the production name and the module that is active.
  • Payments – AP invoices that are not going to be processed for check printing will now post to the cash account during the AP Posting to the Ledger.
  • Payroll – Users now have the ability to load their payroll files themselves. You will know when a file is there to be loaded when the “Load Payroll” button is active in Payroll.
  • Tax Report –The Tax Report will now report in Detail and Summary.
  • Quick Vendor – Enhanced the Quick Vendor screen to allow more input fields.
  • Vendor Setup – Checking “Inactive” for the vendor will not allow transactions to be entered but will still be able to report.
  • Ledger List – Added the ability to do a multi select for Company, Location, Episode and Set fields.

Luca Release Version: 345 – 09/14/19

  • Ledger Reports – Added to header of reports more filter information.
  • Ledger List – Modified Company filter to be multi-select.
  • Ledger List – Fixed bug to correct sorting in report.
  • Ledger List – Removed Merchant column and added Payment Date to report.
  • Cost Worksheet – Added option, “Fast Entry”, with bubble text explaining what this option does. Intended to help speed up entry and changes.
  • Open Items Report – Improved on report filters.
  • Quick Vendor – Screen has been modified to identify required fields with asterisks. Screen has also been modified to be more user friendly.
  • Posting Reports – Reports are now in detail when posting AP, PC, Cards and JE to the Ledger.
  • Tax Report – Added option to run Tax Report in Detail.

Luca Release Version: 338 – 08/31/19

  • AP Edit/Audit/Post – Corrected on-screen Pay Dates for manually issued transactions.
  • Vendors – dropdown is showing Deleted Vendors. Even though we allow a vendor to be deleted, if no activity, we are not actually deleting that vendor record but we should not be displaying that deleted vendor either.
  • Chart of Accounts List – Corrected incorrect order when displaying accounts in listing.
  • AP Audit – Organized the sorting and grouping better when multiple banks included.
  • Ledger List – Page numbering after 999 pages displayed incorrectly. This has been fixed.
  • Distribution Changes – Improved clarity on which fields can be edited when bringing up transaction for editing.
  • PO Entry – Fixed error that used to allow a PO to be saved without a vendor assigned.
  • Payment Processing – Relabeled date fields for better clarity.

Luca Release Version: 335 – 08/17/19

  • Bank Setup – Improved check print adjustment settings.
  • Ledger Adjustments – Improved bubble help for better explanation of functions.
  • Cost Worksheet – Added ability to turn off Explanation field.
  • Ledger Adjustments – When doing a Distribution Change source code is now “DC” on new transaction.
  • System Entry Screens – For the Account field, the drop down will allow search on both account number and account description.
  • Tax Reports – Begin process of 1099/T4a Tax Reporting. Started cleaning up the filter screen then working on the Tax Detail and Summary report.
  • System – Corrected system to not accept alpha characters when using the date field.

Luca Release Version: 334 – 08/02/19

  • Bulk Budget/EFC Entry – Added Cost to Date column.
  • Audit Reports – Limited batches to what module entered from in for the drop down.
  • Cost Worksheet – Improved Real Time option on entry.
  • Landing Pages for AP, PC, etc. – Changed green text to black. First column is now the link to that
  • Journal Entry – On header of JE added option to turn the Vendor field on and off.
  • Payment Process – Corrected Cash in Bank display on screen.
  • Payment – Modified Menu of Payment Inquiry to Payment Adjustments.
  • Ledger – Modified Menu of Ledger Inquiry to Ledger Adjustments.
  • Bulk Entry for Budget/EFC – Added ability to enter amounts for Budget/EFC/ETC to Location,
    Episode and/or Sets codes.
  • Luca System Header – When a Period is “Locked” it will now display on the header next to the
    Show Title “Period Locked” to let users know their work is now going into the next period.
  • Payroll – Loading Payroll files will only be active when PR Invoices are available for that show.
  • Vendor Reports – Added filter for Period range.
  • Reporting – Added “Tax Reports” on Report Menu for 1099’s and T4a’s.
  • Code Descriptions – Entry and Reporting drop downs for Location, Episode, Set and Insurance
    codes now have descriptions.
  • Batch Field in Audit Reports – Drop down will now sort alphanumerically.
  • Vendor Landing Page – Fixed column sort when clicking on column sort.

Luca Release Version: 325 – 07/12/19

  • Cost Worksheet – Added Multi-Currency filtering.
  • PC Entry – Corrected bug for Envelope Amount error.
  • AP Checks – Increased the banks account number to be up to 13 digits. This will also reflect on AP Checks in the micr line.
  • AP – Added T4A’s for Canadian Tax reporting.
  • PO History – Cosmetic changes to reports for both the Transaction and Account Detail.
  • Cost Report and Cost Worksheet – Added Account filtering.
  • Reporting – Added additional time zones for Canada.

Luca Release Version: 323 – 06/29/19

  • Ledger Inquiry – Cleaned up pop up window when drilling down into the transactions
  • PO Entry – Correct transaction information totals based on new adjustment and relief values
  • Chart of Accounts Entry – Corrected the ability to edit an existing account
  • PO Relieving – Modified the symbol for relieved lines in PO History and PO drill downs
  • Payment Processing – Added Pay Due Date for filtering invoices for payment
  • System Entry screens – Cleaned up leaving zero dollar lines at the end of transactions when implementing a save

Luca Release Version: 322 – 06/15/19

  • Payment Process – Check Date range expanded
  • Payment Process – Enable users to select the Effective Date for a Payment Run
  • Account Types – Expanded the number of Account Types that can be added to the Chart of
    Accounts. Currently all Account Types that begin with “E” are considered part of the expense
    accounts for reporting purposes
  • Cost Worksheet – Effective Date range has been improved
  • Cost Worksheet – PO drill down fixed for checking for deleted line flag
  • PO’s – Process showing Adjusted and Closed PO’s improved
  • System – Vendors with more than 2 memo codes in their default are not being displayed on
    entry screens

Luca Release Version: 300 – 04/25/19

  •  Improvements to editing on POs and Payroll transactions
  • Improvements to the search feature on the Payment Inquiry screen
  • Improvements to the filtering and display on Posting reports, PO History reports, Ledger List reports, Vendor reports, Payment History reports, Audit reports
  • The Open Items report can now be run by vendor or by due date
  • JE Source Code has been moved to the Setup module so users can create their own
  • Most report filter screens are now upgraded to the new un-tabbed format
  •  There is a reduction of the number of times users will see the browser’s “Leave Site” warning message