We are excited to share some changes we have made to our Extreme Reach Linx Hours-to-Gross system. We continue to evolve our products to incorporate your suggestions and enhancements that bring more speed, efficiency and value to your payroll process.

Linx Release Version 1.18.5 – 3/23/2020

  • A new client option to create timecard batches by department
  • The ability to give non-manager users access to remote check printing
  • Added support for a new non-union work type “Dark Day (Paid)”
  • The addition of last paid date and direct deposit fields to the starts report
  • Renaming of Free Fields 1-4 to “Memo”
  • New minimum and maximum meal length warnings, configurable by agreement
  • Support for sick accrual plans that take effect after a minimum number of hours worked
  • New warnings and tooltips for daily hours over the maximum defined for the agreement

Linx Release Version 1.18.4 – 2/10/2020

  • A change to allow home office assistant users to mark the preliminary approval checkbox on the timecard screen
  • Highlighting of meal penalties and forced call on union timecards
  • Added support for grace periods on union timecards and schedules
  • The addition of Union/Classification to the Labor Cost Reports
  • Appearance improvements

Linx Release Version – 1/20/2020

  • A new option to allow setting of meal penalties on non-union time cards even when the system does not identify any.
  • An increase in the maximum length of time card comments from 600 to 1200 characters.
  • Inclusion of drive times in Total Hours on the timecard screen and the review screen where applicable
  • Add Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe Times on scheduler where applicable
  • Hiding of the budget code field on the non-union and horizontal union timecard screens to decrease the need for scrolling.
  • A new option to show episodes for each day on the main time card screen rather than in the daily override dialog box.
  • Fixes to the descriptions displayed on starts for episodes and free fields for mileage.
  • Restoration of the “Totals” line in the daily section of printed union time cards

Linx Release Version 1.18.2 – 12/2/19

  • Moved standby end time under standby in time to save horizontal space on non-union time cards
  • A new job title filter on the employee section of the scheduler
  • A change to include all applicable work types on the general crew section of the scheduler
  • Changes to what fields are copied from day to day on time card screens with new project options that control whether five particular fields are copied on union time cards
  • An update to the location of several fields on the Schedule Detail report
  • A new “Amount Paid Out” field on the accrual summary report
  • Enhancements to the Transfer Batches and Receive Batches screens to improve performance

Linx Release Version: – 10/7/19

  • A new Distribute option next to a batch in the Review/Approve screen
  • Progress meters for the “Create Time Cards” and “Labor Cost Report” tasks in the Scheduler
  • The ability to choose from the full list of applicable work types in the Scheduler for each employee
  • Hiding of several columns on scheduler employee rows by default (Meal Penalty Overrides, Forced Call Hours Override, Work Type, and Work Zone) and a tool tip to show their values when they are hidden
  • A notice on the top of the scheduler screen when active timecards exist for the currently selected client, project, period, and union type
  • Performance enhancements in the Scheduler
  • The addition of a Batch ID column, after employee name, to Point Zero reports

Linx Release Version: – 8/27/19

  • A new and improved time card scheduler system, located in the same menu location as the previous scheduler (HTG > Timecard Management > Create/Maintain Schedules)
  • The ability to run a daily labor cost report for a particular day’s schedule of employee work times
  • A performance enhancement to speed up the non-union timecard screen
  • The addition of all job titles with scale rates and all locations worked to the edit reports
  • Show third meal fields on union timecards only if a user clicks a button to make them visible, to match what is already set up on non-union timecards
  • New fields on the Sick Time Accrual report to show hours worked by locality
  • A new payroll log/PO report available under HTG > Reports Creation > Payroll Log
  • Gave our client users access to the comments report (HTG > Reports Creation > Timecard Comments Report)
  • Help Menu now includes a link to the Linx “How-To” website