Linx Hours-to-gross

Our Linx Hours-to-Gross system automates all the complex rules of payroll calculation for both union and non-union payroll. Users (either employees or managers) just enter “in” and “out” times, and the system does the rest.


Our Hours-to-Gross solution features:

  • A mobile time card interface for crew to use on their smartphones or tablets
  • A “copy time card” function that makes it easy for managers or department heads to create cards for multiple crew members with similar schedules
  • A comprehensive set of automated compliance tools that take the guesswork out of payroll management – from legally required wage notices and paid sick leave notifications, to automatic calculation of paid sick accruals, union accruals, etc.
  • Automatic calculation of forced call, meal penalties, overtime, etc. – with overrides available where applicable or appropriate
  • A review and approval workflow customizable to your unique management structure
  • Access to enter, review, approve and transfer time cards to Extreme Reach Production Solutions from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, instantaneously
  • Management of multiple high-volume projects at once, without hiring a large payroll staff
  • Integrated with Paperless Starts so you manage both processes under one login, with no duplication of entry
  • No more scanning, emailing, faxing or shipping of start paperwork or time cards. No more illegible documents. No more lost paperwork. Scalable, speedy and secure

Why Linx Hours-to-Gross?

Ours is a true Hours-to-Gross system, with the most extensive library of union rules and state and federal labor laws acting as its engine. We have the most user-friendly and accurate suite of systems, and the most comprehensive, integrated, end-to-end paperless payroll solution.

1. The Simplicity is Stunning
We’ve made the whole process as easy as possible. Management needs only a computer or tablet with an internet connection. Employees need only a smartphone or computer with internet connection. Our systems work the same across all platforms, operating systems and browsers.

2. Supports Your Current Structures
The paperless workflow accommodates each client’s unique existing management and approval structure, and that same workflow provides an immense economy of scale that is impossible to manage on paper. Linx is a game-changer for small and large clients alike.

3. Always Up to Date
The Linx workflow, management and compliance tools are all designed to make your payroll experience as efficient and painless as possible, and to allow you to process your payroll with confidence at a time when new state, federal and local minimum wage, sick leave and overtime laws are being passed almost daily.